About Me...

I’m so glad you have found my site, or should I say closet?!

I’m Putri and I am a full time model and actress living in the tropics. I am most known for my fansite, putricinta.com. However this website is different!

I am often receiving requests to wear various different, weird and wonderful outfits, so I decided to make a blog of short videos, of me, in clothes that you choose! 

With PutriCintaCloset.com you can can become my daily stylist! I welcome you to send (well, gift me) an outfit of your choice, that you would like to see me make a video in.

So send me your wildest fantasy outfits, and if it fits then I will wear it and feature it in one of my videos, plus give you a shout out for sending it! So what are you waiting for, here’s your chance, send me your dream outfits! 

Putri x

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