About Me

A little bit about me and my site

I’m so glad you have found my site, or should I say closet?!

I’m Putri and I am a full time model and actress living in Bali. I am most known for my fansite, putricinta.com. However this website is different!

I am often receiving requests to wear various different, weird and wonderful outfits, so I decided to make a blog of short videos, of me, in clothes that you choose! 

With PutriCintaCloset.com you can can become my daily stylist! I welcome you to send (well, gift me) an outfit of your choice, that you would like to see me make a video in (and eventually peal off until nude).

So send me your wildest fantasy outfits, and if it fits then I will wear it and feature it in one of my videos, plus give you a shout out for sending it! So what are you waiting for, here’s your chance, send me your dream outfits! 

And remember only members get to see me take the outfit off  😉  

Putri x

Got an idea for an outfit?